Lawn Care

Commercial & Residential

Whatever your landscaping needs may be, Two Lawn Rangers will have you covered. Call us today to put our decades of experience to use for you. Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

When you have a great lawn care provider, you get more than a great looking lawn. You get more time to enjoy your life.

Our lawn care service includes professional mowing, blade edging, trimming, and blowing off all hard surfaces.

• Residential Mowing and Commercial Mowing – Mowing is the heart of great lawn care. Our mowing service will leave your outdoor areas looking crisp and pristine. We’ll create perfect definition along your paths, and leave the area tidy and clean when we’re finished.

• Seeding and Planting – No matter how well you care for a lawn, part of it will eventually die. Two Lawn Rangers is here to seed and plant in order to bring new life and beauty to your outdoor areas.

• Fertilization – Keep your lawn or garden in tip-top shape with proper fertilization treatments. Nothing creates a healthy luster better than proper fertilization treatments.

• Pesticide and Disease Care – Sometimes a lawn gets attacked by disease, insects, or wild animals. We’re here to help safeguard your beautiful lawn from attack.

• Tree Disease Care – We can help protect your trees from all kinds of diseases. Most diseases can quickly spread, call us today so we can help you prevent those diseases from taking your trees. 


Commercial & Residential

Our landscaping services can help transform your property into a beautiful lawn or commercial property. We do everything conceivable to ensure that you’ll have one of the most landscapes in the city area.

Our landscaping team offers professional design, installation, and maintenance. We transform properties and change lives through the beauty of a new landscape.

Whatever your landscaping needs may be, Two Lawn Rangers will have you covered. Call us today to put our decades of experience to use for you. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. 

• Stone and Brick Work – A beautiful lawn, garden, or other outdoor area always looks better with masonry. We can work with you to create all sorts of designs, such as brick paths and patios. Get the most out of your outdoor area, and turn it into a paradise.

• Lawn and Garden Design – For those who want something fresh and new, we also design lawns and gardens. We’ll happily take you from conception to completion. You’ll love our ideas.

• Gardening Service – We love to plant and care for beautiful flowers and other things of exquisite natural beauty. Let us care for or help you design the garden of your dreams.

• Shrub & Tree Maintenance – No landscaping service is complete without proper care of shrubs and trees. We’ll take care of your shrubs and trees with a thorough regimen of maintenance as well. Your hedges and bushes will look great. 

Sprinkler Service, Maintenance, and Backflow Protection

Irrigation systems make it easier to have and maintain a beautiful lawn, garden or general outdoor area. There was a time when only the wealthy had sprinkler systems. Now, with new materials, everyone can enjoy the ease of watering their lawn with sprinklers. Let’s face it, not all of us have the discipline and patience to water our lawn or garden on a daily basis. A proper irrigation system saves you precious time, and keeps your outdoor area in tip-top shape. When maintained properly, an irrigation system conserves water, too.

Two Lawn Rangers repairs sprinkler systems, and we also ensure that your back flow systems are functioning properly. Fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides can easily seep back into the water supply through your irrigation system. A back flow system prevents contamination of the local water supply, and is required by law in Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas. 

Call us and find out why so many lawns and gardens in Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas are being irrigated with systems maintained by Two Lawn Rangers.

Dirt Work & Drainage

Wether your looking to change the look of your yard, of find solutions to your drainage problems our team can help you design and build custom dirt work and drainage solutions.

We can help with filling in dirt, landscape grading & re-sloping, and digging and trenching as well.

Give us a call today and our team can help you create your ideal yard today!

Snow Removal

Commercial & Residential

Don’t let ice and snow get in your way. We’ll come remove it for you during the cold winter!

We know every hour your business is closed, due to inclement weather, results in lost revenue. We’ll work to have you ready for business in the morning. If the storm hits in the afternoon, we’ll be there to clear your sidewalks and assure your parking lot stays safe all day long.

Our snow removal services are available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.